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ready with music

An Arashi icontest

ready with music - an Arashi icontest
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1. Icons must be made fresh for each challenge; you can't reuse old ones, or enter icons in other icontests at the same time. Icons made for readywithmusic can only be entered in readywithmusic challenges, and vice versa for other icontests. You may submit up to 3 icons.

2. You may not show your icons to anyone until the challenge is over. You may not ask your friends to vote for your icon. HOWEVER, non-members of the community may vote, so you MAY link to the contest as a whole and invite people to vote.

3. You may not vote for yourself.

4. Animated icons will be allowed for specific challenges, not for others. Please look carefully at the challenge to know which!

5. Icons must be useable on LJ, which means then cannot be more than 100x100 pixels and 40kb in size.

6. New challenges will be posted on Sunday, GMT + 09:00. Here is a calculator to tell you what time that is in your time zone. Voting posts will go up the same day; voting will remain open until the next challenge starts. For example, in Week 1, the challenge is posted on Sunday. The next Sunday, the voting post for Week 1 goes up, and the challenge for Week 2 begins.

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